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Important Parent – Student Computer Guidance

With the start of the 2020-2021 school year elementary students received school issued computer laptops, which opens up many instructional learning opportunities. Parents and/or guardians must set strict rules at home for their children’s learning environment when using technology in the household. Students at this age level should have the following guidance at home:

  1. Centralized learning environment in the household is highly encouraged.
  2. Adult supervision is required at this age level with parent engagement.
  3. Set online time limits.
  4. School laptops are used for educational activities.
  5. If attending classes remotely the parent should be monitoring his/her child’s engagement throughout the school day.
  6. Require the child’s laptop to remain in a centralized location in the household, in a safe place to prevent damage, and to charge overnight.  
  7. We highly discourage leaving students alone while online and removed from the centralized learning environment within the household.
  8. Please visit with your child about online safety and to never record or distribute any personal information with anyone at any time.

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