Mrs. Kloiber's Webpage

Welcome to the Third Grade!

I am Mrs. Kloiber. You will learn so much this year. I can't wait for the year to start.  We will be extremely busy this year so be sure to come prepared for class and ready to learn.







Reading will be very important.

Reading skills will be covered everyday through our basal, novels, science and social studies. Accelerated Reader is used as an incentive program to encourage students to read as much as possible.  I do not push points, however I will push you to comprehend chapter books and increase your reading level.  I want you to love to read so I encourage you to find a series you enjoy.  .  We have a wonderful library with many books that are interesting, like "Hank the Cowdog" and "My Weird School."








A spelling list will be given to students on Monday.  We will complete different exercises and learn phonic skills through our Fundations program.  Spelling is also memorization and that occurs with repetiton.







Math is AWESOME!

Math is where I can see the biggest growth in my students. Each child will learn keywords to help solve word problems, memorize multiplication facts, and become math whizzes. Students will become successful by using critical thinking and higher order thinking skills to solve multi-step word problems.   I LOVE teaching math!







Super Scientist

Our main goal in science is to cumulatively review all year the different fields of science in order to keep the information fresh in their minds in preparation for the 5th grade STAAR test.







Social Studies

Our social studies books are titled "Communities" so we will discuss the different communities around the world and how they compare to our community.








Our class goal is for everyone to pass the STAAR test. We want Littlefield Elementary to be the best so we all have to do our best on the test. Individual goals are to try your hardest and learn as much as possible.








Yes, third graders are capable of completing homework. There will be no excuses about homework not being done. I do not assign much homework but work that was not finished in class is homework. Spelling words should be practiced at home and some reading will be required. It is the student's responsibility to get homework completed!  Consequence for homework not done:  FOLDER PULL.  Eight folder pulls will result in a pink slip, which will in turn be 1 swat or 3 days ISS. 








In order for all students to be successful, EVERY student must come to school and act appropriately.  Being disruptive, unnecessary  talking, no homework, inappropriate hall and bathroom behavior, forgetting books, being mean to other students, disrespect for me, other teachers, aides, and principal, cafeteria behavior and not following directions are just a few examples of things students can get folder pulls.  It’s very simple, treat others the way you want to be treated, be responsible for you, and take care of your business.